New Release! Luci

I know it’s been a long time and I’ll get to what’s been going on much later, the important thing is I have a fun little story to share with you! Meet Luci, she’s sexy, sinful and ready to take on the world! Luci is a fun novella and is a stand alone. No typical more »

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Announcement: The INK: Series Temporarily Down For Remodeling

As I’m sure many of you are aware I’ve been going through a lot of AWESOME changes in my life. Just a sneak preview of things to come I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER!!! I’ve been making a lot of very difficult decisions. One decision I’ve been struggling with has been what to do with the more »

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Wolf Pack Run Giveaway – Free & 99 Cent Sale

25 Amazing Authors Giveaway! F-R-E-E & 99 Cent Sale The Wolf Pack is celebrating May with a HUGE Sale and we’re giving away TWO $100 Gift Cards & One $50 Gift card! Check out these F|R|E|E & Sale books, angels, magic, shifters, ghosts and more. Some of the very best from Urban Fantasy and PNR! Sale ends Friday! more »

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Announcement: Charmed In Vegas

Free Teaser Box Set & Four $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway In case you haven’t heard I’ve been collaborating on a story with the fabulous Michelle Fox. Me along with eight other amazing authors are writing in Michelle’s world Charmed in Vegas. Our stories are about ready for release and we wanted to give you more »

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Huge Christmas Sale!

It’s almost Christmas and I have some stuff laying around that I’m ready to part with including some of my paintings from the Crescent Hunter Series. I’ve got some paper backs on sale while supplies last!  

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Cover Reveal for Maddie Page

Writing duo Maddie Paige bonded over books, shirtless boys and Step Up movies. One lives for her coffee while the other prefers hot chocolate. Both lovers of romance, they tag teamed a manuscript over late nights at Steak ‘n Shake. They live in Atlanta, GA and A Shot of Reckless is their debut. A Shot more »

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Beauty is Free

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman. First I want to start by saying that I absolutely love being a woman. It’s magical. However, when we start to consider some of the expectations (many of which I just refuse to worry about) it can get a little complicated. In general, a lot of the crap more »

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I’m going to “Do Epic”

It is known that, in general I’m a positive person that loves to spread positive energy around like fairy dust. Those that KNOW me, are inner-inner circle, know that my personal life is a hot mess and I’m struggling with a lot of challenges. Moon Crossed was a deeply emotional book to write for me. more »

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Hildie the Testicular Terror

I’m a dog person, I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have at least one furry friend in the house. Misha, our english shepherd-something mix, turned fifteen last month. She is in the acknowledgments of all my books since she sits under my chair while I write, edit, cry, laugh and more »

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Please God, Let it be Chocolate

If you have children, nephews, nieces, friend’s children you spend time with, etc; then this phrase will bring to mind some sort of traumatic memory: Please God, let it be chocolate. Life is sort of like this. It’s like opening a letter from the IRS, an attorney’s office, walking into the bathroom and seeing brown more »

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